Painters, poets, photographer and philosophers….. Many the man has found his muse in Ibiza. The island has has a hypnotizing magic that enhances creativity. Throughout the years, people from different races and cultures have arrived to the island trapped by the magnet of this magical feeling. Here in Ibiza the fusion of cultures is productive and we feel it in a very positive way.

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Millionaires and hippies, VIP’s and anonymous, all together and no one feels out of place. This mixture of sensations and lifestyles has created a kind of mystic atmosphere. No matter if one comes to party, to enjoy the beautiful landscape or to relax in one of the wonderful villas in the countryside, everybody gets trapped by the magic. Many people say that they are different since they came to Ibiza.

Ibiza is many islands in one. Nature, beaches, gastronomy, sunsets, nightlife… Each visitor discover his island. All types are valid and each one of you will discover which space of land captures you.

Amazing beaches
Ibiza is a paradise for beach lovers. Beaches like Cala Conta, Cala d’Hort, Cala Salada, Aigües Blanques, Salinas are authentic jewels with crystal clear waters, natural  environments and white sands. Don’t miss the marvellous sunsets on the south-east of the island.



In the more inland areas of Ibiza, there are many hidden spots of great charm; small country villages, almond groves, olive trees, and carob trees enclosed by ancient stone walls, along with many fine examples of the island’s particular architecture. A stroll or a bike ride are two great ways to enjoy this scenery. You cannot fail to be amazed by the sunsets on the horizon or the appeal of the little islands that surround mainland Ibiza. In particular, es Vedra, in the town of Sant Josep. The prairies of Posidonia form part of our natural landscape and of our culture. One cannot imagine our island without its fields of Posidonia, since they define and shape both the sea beds and coastline of our island, and also the particular features of Ibiza’s waters. For this reason they were given the status of World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999.


Hedonistic tourism would be an unthinkable concept without the pleasurable sensation of Ibiza’s food and drink on the taste buds. Many restaurants have an element of added value that makes them much more attractive than those in any other tourist resort: their location. There are very few places in the world so full of wonderful restaurants, where you can eat with your bare feet resting on the sand, sitting in the shade of a Renaissance wall or in a romantic hideaway farmhouse set in the middle of the countryside.



There is no doubt that Ibiza is the capital city of fun. Here you will find the very best nightlife and the best clubs and DJs from all over the world. The island bars and discos offer more than just music. They also put on incredible and fun audiovisual spectacles which are advertised in the streets around the port of Ibiza. In consequence, it is not unusual to find celebrities soaking up the atmosphere on the terrace bars and in the discos on the island.

Main spot for music lovers, best dj’s around the world play every summer on the best clubs: Pacha, Privilege, Amnesia, Space, Lío… a never ending list of amazing clubs.